Weekender Food Ministry Update

Weekender Food Ministry Update

Thursday, May 7 Update:

Resurrection’s relationship with Perry Township Schools found new expression on Thursday, May 7 as Pastor Mitch delivered RLC’s remaining Weekender food inventory and a check for $4,400 – the balance of RLC’s Weekender budget for the year.

Perry Township Schools is feeding about 3,000 students per day at 19 locations. After distributing 4,200 boxes of food on Monday, April 27 (with each box containing 10 breakfasts and 10 lunches), they ran out of boxes at all 19 locations, with hundreds of people still in line. The schools then turned to their community partners for assistance in securing more food for the families who had to be turned away.

After conversations between RLC, Perry Township, and Gleaners, it was determined that the best way to leverage the remaining $4,400 budgeted for Weekender was to route it through Southport High School who can use it to secure more food through Gleaners. Gleaners estimates that every $1 donated equals about four meals – so RLC’s donation will help provide over 15,000 meals to ease hunger for Perry Township families. Thanks to the generosity of Resurrection people, we are still able to find ways to make a positive impact in our community during this pandemic.

If you would like to help support the Southport High School food pantry, you can send a check to Southport High School made out to “SHS – Student Assistance Fund”  with “Gleaners” in the memo section.

Resurrection’s Weekender food ministry was abruptly put on hold when COVID-19 caused Perry Township schools to take an early spring break and then transition to e-learning for the remainder of the school year. The district has managed food distribution during this time through their food services at 19 locations (schools and apartment complexes) throughout Perry Township. They are currently distributing a box of food that contains two weeks of non-perishable meals along with a gallon of milk to any student in need. The district did a distribution of 4,200 food boxes on Monday, April 27. Unfortunately, due to increased demand they ran out of food at every location and estimate that some sites turned away as many people as they helped. The next food distribution will be on Monday, May 11.

Resurrection was able to supplement food supplies by packing and delivering the remaining Weekender food inventory to be given to families in need on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1 during the scheduled school materials pickup times at our Weekender partner schools: Douglas MacArthur Elementary, Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy (DMKA), and William Henry Burkhart Elementary.

The response from recipients was tremendous. Here are just a few stories of thankfulness:

  • At Burkhart, one father thanked the staff repeatedly for the food with tears in his eyes.
  • A DMKA family that was not able to get a box of food from the district on Monday contacted the principal to express their gratitude.
  • As the food was being passed through a car window to one kindergartner at DMKA, she said, “Wow! That’s a lot of food!” with a huge, heartwarming smile on her face.

Thank you to those who packed and delivered food to these schools. Many thanks also to the people of Resurrection for making this ministry possible.

Questions? Contact Julie Jessee, community@rlcindy.org