Reflection by Pastor Ryan: Don’t forget to slow down

Don’t forget to slow down

A reflection by Pastor Ryan on time spent with the Youth Group summer service trip participants

I consider myself a morning person, but I’m not the kind of morning person who likes to jump out of bed and head straight to the gym or immediately start replying to emails. I like slow mornings – the kind where you get to linger with a cup of coffee or two and don’t have to rush off anywhere.

Today I got to have a slow morning at church with some sharp, faith-filled young women. They’re all high school students from Resurrection participating in a week of learning and service focused on racial justice. For three nights, they were in Atlanta, where they visited sites connected to the Civil Rights Movement. For four nights, they’re sleeping at our church as they serve with and learn about organizations around Indianapolis.

I was invited to have breakfast with them and lead a time of worship with Holy Communion. We read the gospel appointed for this coming Sunday, where Jesus is rejected in his hometown and then sends the disciples out in pairs to do ministry in his name, making it clear they can expect rejection, too. I think it was a good reading to pair with reflection on the work of racial justice.

We had tasty pancakes, a rich discussion, and we sang a hymn together, all before serving one another the bread and wine of communion. By the time we finished, it was near 11 a.m. It was a slow morning, but it was needed. The physical nourishment of food and drink. The spiritual nourishment of God’s word and meal. Strengthening the ties that bind by taking time together.

The work of racial justice is no easier than the ministry Jesus sent the disciples to do. Casting out demons and healing the sick might even be easier, because no one in those stories denies there’s a problem in need of God’s help. The work Jesus calls these young women to, the work Jesus calls each of us to, is slow work, and that means we sometimes must slow down to take in what we need to keep going. If we rush out too quickly to work, we will soon run out of energy and hope.

I hope you take time to slow down, whether it’s in the morning, evening, or night. Without even a glimpse at your calendar, I am sure you need it.

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