Missional Priorities

Big Rocks: The foundation anchoring us to our values and mission.

The priorities below represent the Big Rocks and Strategies communicated by the congregation through the discovery process. They are the initial roadmap steps of how to live more deeply into our core values.  These provide suggestions as to how to implement the vision effectively.

Core Values

Everything is Grounded in Grace

Developing relationships and connectedness through an inviting and storytelling culture.

  1. Develop processes to connect and follow-up with individuals
  2. Discover methods to take relationships to the next level
  3. Identify ways to strengthen both a “welcoming” and “inviting” culture
  4. Encourage a storytelling culture

Vibrant, Liturgical Worship

Creating variety in style, timing, and input to worship.

  1. Go beyond a Sunday morning experience through experimentation, education, and different offerings so worship comes in different forms
  2. Try different styles of worship to engage different types of worshippers

Faith Formation for All Ages

Developing and sustaining intergenerational connections and mentoring.

  1. Incorporate intergenerational opportunities or mentoring into current ministries
  2. Identify and test a few new “radical” ideas
  3. Identify 2 – 3 relationship building activities for all ages

Be Christ Within Our Community

Aligning our ministries with the Community Ministry Grant Initiative (CMGI).

  1. Utilizing our physical property to support the CMGI activities
  2. Provide school support to the MacArthur Kindergarten Academy throughout the school year
  3. Creating a culture of community support within RLC to support CMGI activities

Serving from Giftedness

Equipping RLC members to serve within and outside of RLC.

  1. Encourage people to connect to ministries
  2. Make ministry information available to everyone and in multiple formats
  3. Implement ministry team leadership development and support

Additional Focus Areas

Digital Engagement

Using digital space as a place to gather and form faith.

  1. Outsource IT services
  2. Create a digital base team
  3. Designate a person in charge of digital communications
  4. Interweave digital communication into all levels and positions of ministry
  5. Offer professional development equipping/education to staff and ministry team leaders
  6. Set a goal for staff to use digital space as a part of their ministry every year

Evaluation of Ministries

Be intentional in evaluating the effectiveness of ministries.

  1. Create and implement processes for the evaluation of ministries
  2. Celebrate accomplishments of ministries
  3. End ministries when needed