Staff Resource Model

As the strategic vision came into focus, it was discovered that the current staff resource model would not allow us to live most deeply into our core values.

We are blessed with capable staff who work well as a team and who draw upon each other’s gifts.  However, each of the Big Rocks and Strategies will require a “champion” to allow for focus, passions, and energies to be used to their fullest potential.  Moving forward, we envision the staff, Congregation Council, and ministry teams as a collaborative partnership supporting all RLC disciples by:

  1. Encouraging and allowing RLC disciples to be the primary initiators and managers of mission activities and responsibilities.
  2. Equipping and giving guidance to ministry leaders and ministry teams.
  3. Aligning resources with strategic vision priorities vs. operational activities.
  4. Maintaining a visionary mindset.
  5. Being open to new opportunities, recognizing areas of growth, and reflecting on the needs of RLC’s disciples

The Model

Future RLC staff model

Each staff position is connected to a Big Rock that they will be responsible for championing and managing.  However, all staff will need to work collaboratively together to adequately support and equip RLC disciples to complete God’s work.

In addition to the active participation of ALL RLC disciples, we affirm the need for:

2 full-time rostered pastors

  • Pastor of Community
  • Pastor of Faith Formation

1 full-time rostered deacon

  • Director of Youth Discipleship

4 part-time staff

  • Worship and Music Lead
  • Connectedness Lead
  • Community Lead
  • Digital Strategy Lead

1 full-time support staff

  • Administrative Operations Manager

Personnel Team

To create/implement process and procedures for RLC paid ministry roles and ensure staff continually align with the strategic vision

3 service providers

  • Cleaning service
  • Payroll/Financial service
  • IT service