RLC Constitution

On April 20, 2017, the Congregation Council notified the congregation via e-mail of a proposed updating of the congregation’s constitution at the May 21, 2017 semi-annual congregation meeting.  This update is intended to bring our constitution into conformity with the ELCA Model Constitution for Congregations that was revised at the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly after the Assembly approved reorganizing the ministry rosters.  Since RLC will be engaged in at least one call process in the coming months, the Congregation Council felt that it was important to have our governing documents updated.  This congregation meeting will also allow us to address a couple suggestions from the Synod Constitution Task Force that were made after we updated our constitution in 2014.

Here are links to documents relevant to the upcoming semi-annual congregation meeting.  The first two documents are also posted on the bulletin board near the parish mailboxes.

If you would like to learn more about constitution’s in ELCA congregations, you can find out more here at the ELCA website.