Holy Week and Easter Sunday

Cross surrounded by candlesHoly Week Worship is one, unbroken experience of devotion – from Palm Sunday to the Holy “Three Days” of Maundy  Thursday, Good Friday, Saturday’s Easter Vigil to the Sunday Festival of the Resurrection. We follow the Lord’s footsteps through this tumultuous week to the joy of Easter.

Palm Sunday

March 25

8:15 and 10:45 worship

9:30 Discipleship Hour

We begin Holy Week with the drama of the Passion – the story of Jesus’ last days, as we plunge into those events by which our salvation has been won. We begin with palm branches and joyous shouts of “Hosanna!” but soon find ourselves shouting “Crucify Him!” There is no benediction as we leave in silence, to return Thursday.

A nursery will be provided during both services and the Discipleship Hour.

The Triduum – The Holy “Three Days”

Maunday Thursday

March 29

7 p.m. worship

8 p.m. Agape Feast

This is the night we remember the Lord’s last meal with his disciples, as we now too, gather with him at his table. The service includes a brief homily; Holy Communion, including the First Communion of several young people; and concluding with the stripping of the altar, preparing for the starkness of Good Friday. As we leave in silence, all are invited to the candlelight Agape Feast in Resurrection Hall.

A nursery will be provided during the worship service.

Good Friday

March 30

7 p.m. worship

There is no joy, no Easter, no life – without the cross. This quiet and solemn service portrays the growing darkness of the world – and the light of Christ whose love took him into the darkness of death itself – for us. A reading of the Passion, quiet music, and meditation. Again, we leave in silence.

A nursery will be provided.

Vigil of Easter

March 31

7 p.m. worship

In the early church, new Christians, having been instructed in the faith, were brought forward for baptism at midnight. In this ancient liturgy, we echo that baptismal journey. In this service we light the pascal candle for the first time of Easter, hear the stories of salvation history, witness a baptism, renew our own baptismal passage from death to life, and celebrate the first communion of Easter. Come and experience the spiritual culmination of the three days in this unique worship service.

A nursery will be provided.

Easter Sunday

April 1

Join us as we sing “Alleluia!,” worship and celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. worship services. A nursery will be provided.

Join us in Resurrection Hall between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. for an Easter breakfast.

Families are encouraged to arrive in one car on Easter Sunday.