Special Discipleship Hour on Grace and Hope Fellowship

Special Adult Discipleship Hour: Learn About Grace & Hope Fellowship

Come meet Chaplain John Stramiello on Sunday, Jan. 13 during Discipleship Hour at 9:30 a.m. in Resurrection Hall – and learn about Grace and Hope Fellowship (GHF), an ELCA church plant inside Pendleton’s Correctional Industrial Facility.

GHF has been hosting weekly Men’s Bible Study since August 2018 and plans to hold worship services on Monday evenings beginning in February 2019.  The Pendleton CIF is an all-male medium-security prison facility which houses, on average, 1,450 offenders. Don’t miss this special adult Discipleship Hour opportunity to learn about this important new ministry.

Questions? Contact Pastor Ryan or the parish office at at parishadmin@rlcindy.org or (317) 881-7854.