In Baptism, God grabs hold of us and promises to never let go. Baptism is also a time for friends, family and the Resurrection community to promise to help those baptized grow in their love for God, each other and the world.

Baptism Preparation Classes

If you are interested in baptism, either for yourself or for your child, please contact one of the pastors to schedule a conversation. We’ll be glad to answer practical questions about scheduling as well as share a theological understanding of baptism from a Lutheran perspective focusing on the promises that are made in baptism.


What is Baptism?

Baptism is a gift of grace in which God, through water and word, claims us as his own. In the Lutheran church, baptism is one of two ‘sacraments’ through which we are made new, forgiven people, adopted into God’s family, loved for life and beyond. In baptism, God is the actor, it’s God who initiates a relationship with us. In baptism, God chooses us and we joyfully respond to that choosing. In the same way that we do not choose our parents but respond to their love, the same is true in our relationship with God. For Martin Luther, baptism was the primary sacrament. It marks our birth into a life lived in God. It reminds us of God’s claim upon our lives and God’s desire for us to know the joy of his love. From a more theological perspective, baptism also reminds us that a life lived in relationship with God is a daily “dying and rising”; dying to living our way or the way of our current culture, and rising to new life-to live, like Christ, in God’s way. In Baptism God claims us as children, adopts us into the family of God’s people, forgives us our sin for turning away from God, gives us the gift of his presence through the Holy Spirit, and promises us eternal life. A life of faith begins in the water and Word (promise of God’s love for us) of Holy Baptism.

Can my child be baptized at Resurrection if I’m not a member?

The short answer to this great question is simply, ‘Absolutely!’ All who desire to be baptized, or who desire to have their children baptized are welcome at Resurrection. Baptism is just the beginning of a life-long journey of relationship with Jesus Christ. Baptism is also a partnership in which parents and sponsors, together with the entire congregation are equipped to joyfully work together to raise a child in faith. Because of this partnership we encourage parents to engage in an on-going relationship with Resurrection or another faith community for their own growth and support.

When should I consider bringing my child to be baptized?

Parents sometimes wonder, “Is there a “right age for baptism? They might ask, “What if my child is not an infant?” Other parents sense urgency from extended family members, or feel the rush to “get it done.” There is no “right” age for baptism, nor do parents need to fear that their children are in danger if they are not baptized. God, who ‘knows us by name’ and who ‘knit us together in our mother’s womb’ is always ready to extend the gift of baptism. The very fact of asking this question, however, would signal the Spirit’s prompting for a conversation with one of the pastors!

Can I be baptized as an adult, and should I have a sponsor?

Yes! Adults who have not been baptized who wish to explore a life of faith and a relationship with Jesus Christ are encouraged to be baptized. Most often this is done along with participation in an inquirer’s class or in private preparation and conversations with one of the pastors. While baptismal sponsors are not a requirement, we encourage people of all ages to walk the journey of faith with others who can support us and grow alongside us in a life of faith.

What are sponsors, and how many should I choose?

There was a time when “godparents” were those who had legal responsibility to raise their godchild if their parents died before the child was self-sufficient. Today this is most often addressed through “legal guardianship” in a will. We like to say that baptismal sponsors are those who are chosen if the parents live! That is to say, sponsors are themselves baptized Christians who take seriously their important role in helping and assisting the parents raise a newly baptized child in faith, just as sponsors would also assist an adult to grow in faith. The number of sponsors is simply a preference on your part, but no more than two or three are necessary. Far more than an honorary title, baptismal sponsors can richly bless a new Christian’s growth through prayer, love and a faithful example and should be chosen with that in mind.

Can we request a “private” baptism?

Baptism is a community event that includes the entire church…one’s new faith family, of which Resurrection is the local expression. Baptism, like adoption, welcomes an individual into the family of faith. While parents would never adopt a child and choose not to tell the rest of the family members, baptism welcomes and celebrates the new life of the baptized in the context of community. While there may be exceptional circumstances where baptisms can be arranged apart from the worshiping community, to celebrate baptism during the regular worship life at Resurrection is our normative practice and allows us all to see God at work, celebrate God’s goodness and welcome our new brothers and sisters into the family.

My child has been baptized. What are our next steps in this journey of faith?

The most important thing we could ever do for our child’s journey of faith is to tend to our own. Modeling faithful behavior – talking about our faith, praying together, reading scripture, serving others, worshiping – communicates values to our children. Faith is often more “caught” than “taught” and so Resurrection is eager to assist and equip you in this vital role of living and modeling your own faith. One of the more specific ways we provide parents and children with tools and experiences in growing their faith together is Faith Stepping Stones.