Disciples doing yard work

Community Outreach

Lutheran Christians understand the church as a dynamic organism rather than a static place. Resurrection gathers together at the corner of Stop 11 and Meridian School Roads in order to be released back into the world, to be salt, light, and leaven. Many Resurrection disciples contribute their time and talents to countless organizations, public service agencies and ministries on the south side and greater Indianapolis community. Blessed to be a blessing, we will utilize our expanded ministry facilities as a center and launching pad to serve others in the name of Christ.

Resurrection is also a congregation that values our partnership and connection with ministries that reach far beyond our immediate neighborhoods into communities across the country and across the world. RLC disciples have participated in Katrina recovery, repaired homes in Trinidad and Puerto Rico, and funded a block of new homes in Haiti. Our youth have experienced mission service trips to Native American reservations and inner-city Chicago. We are strong partners with the global ministries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, embracing the mission of both the church at large and every individual disciple of Jesus to be an agent of healing, reconciliation and redemption in the world.

The following are just a few examples of some of the opportunities for service in the local and world community that many of us are involved with at Resurrection.

Christmas Sharing Wreath

Collects information from deserving students in Perry Township to be displayed on the Sharing Wreath for the congregation to purchase and wrap Christmas presents – and then facilitates the delivery of the presents.

Habitat for Humanity

Coordinates our involvement with the local Habitat chapter.

Contact Chris Barnett or the church office, office@rlcindy.org.

Hunger Ministries

Supporting the community with food insecurity and hunger-related issues, through our Community Meals, Breadbox, Pack Away Hunger, and Weekender Food ministries.

Kindergarten Academy

The Community Ministry Grant Initiative supports the faculty, students, and parents of Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy, located across the street from Resurrection.


Pride matters to Resurrection, because we know how important it is to say “out loud” what we practice and believe. You should not have to guess whether you will be welcomed and affirmed in any community of faith, and LGBTQ+ persons don’t have to guess at RLC. Respect, Love, Community means anyone who shares in the life of this congregation shares all of it. That means full inclusion – no exclusions, no fine print.