Respect, Love, Community Pride at RLC


Pride matters to Resurrection, because we know how important it is to say “out loud” what we practice and believe. You should not have to guess whether you will be welcomed and affirmed in any community of faith, and LGBTQ+ persons don’t have to guess at RLC.

Respect, Love, Community means anyone who shares in the life of this congregation shares all of it. That means full inclusion – no exclusions, no fine print.

Resurrection Lutheran Church was proud to walk in the #IndyPride2019 Parade for the first time on Saturday, June 8!

A word of welcome

I knew I’d found a special place when RLC called me, an out gay man, to be one of their pastors.  Speaking my truth as a faith leader is an incredible, empowering gift.  Seeing this congregation take its truth to the streets for Pride is a little piece of heaven, and it means I can say with lots of joy and zero hesitation that you are welcome here, too. – Pastor Ryan Bailey

I have been an LGBTQ+ ally since college. My first opportunity to act as both ally and pastor came in my first congregation soon after I was ordained. I was having lunch with a new worship guest and he asked me, “How would the congregation respond to having an openly gay member?” I told him that I was not sure, but I would stand beside him and we could find out together. He became the first openly gay member of Third Lutheran Church in Louisville, KY – a congregation that 25 years later is now served by a pastor in a same-gender marriage. Here at Resurrection, for nearly 17 years, I have ended my opening greeting for worship with these words, “… with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we say ‘Welcome home – there is a place here for you.’” I am very pleased to see how this congregation lives out these words and the message of our Welcome Statement by participating in Indy Pride. I look forward to walking in the parade and the opportunity to lift up that God’s love is for everyone – no exceptions. – Pastor Mitch Phillips


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