Small Groups

As congregations grow larger, they do well to also grow “smaller” at the same time – providing opportunities for connection, meaningful relationships, and the space for spiritual growth and accountability. This can happen in small groups of four to twelve people who gather for Bible study or accountability – all the way up to larger groups of dozens of people who gather for spiritual growth and fellowship.

Here at Resurrection, we have a number of groups that fit into both categories.


ChristCare groups are led by a trained ChristCare Leader who has taken part in a 40-hour training course. Each group has four to twelve people who covenant with each other to meet at least twice a month for 90 minutes. Every ChristCare group participates in the four essential elements of ChristCare (Community Building and Care, Prayer and Worship, Biblical Equipping, and Missional Service), but each group will vary the emphasis it places on each of the four elements.

Dinners for 8 (7 or 9)

Dinner for 8 groups meet four times a year to share a meal. The group of people at the meal changes each time and everyone takes a  turn serving as the host. The hosts coordinate a date with their group and decide on the main course and the other group members provide the side dishes. We meet in homes three times a year and as one big group for a Christmas meal at a restaurant.

Everyone is invited to join us for Dinners for 8 (7 or 9)! If you are single we would love to have you join us and enjoy our meals and fellowship.

If you would like to join us or would like more information please contact Jackie and Donn Mitchell at 317-885-6553.

Hewitt Care Group

The Hewitt Care Group is an on-going Bible study, fellowship, and service ministry. It has been meeting biweekly at 1:00 – 2:30 PM since the 1990’s. Originally formed as a ChristCare group meeting at the Hewitt’s home, the group has grown and the name continues, although it gathers now at church. Members of the group share leading the studies, book reviews, and/or providing cookies and coffee. Service projects have included: cards to bereaved, ill members; weekly recycling of bulletins.

Men’s Bible Study Breakfast

The Men’s Breakfast meets monthly for food, fellowship, Bible or book study, discussion, and prayer. They typically gather on the second Saturday of each month from 7:30-9:00 a.m. All men are welcome. Michael McCarty arrives early to have a hot breakfast ready at 7:30, and leads the study and conversation from 8 until 9.

Women of the ELCA (WELCA)

WELCA, Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, strives to nurture the women of RLC through Bible studies, denominational and inter-denominational gatherings of women, social activities, and awareness of global missions through participation in supportive, hands-on projects. Activities include:

  • monthly Thursday morning women’s Bible study
  • annual Bake Sale to raise funds to support global mission projects
  • quilt making and school kit making for Lutheran World Relief
  • bandage rolling (with the youth group)
  • knitting or crocheting baby caps, baby blankets and bandages (as needed) for Global Health Ministries
  • Special educational events related to faith and women’s issues

We are a member of the IK-WELCA Synodical Women’s Organization.