Mission Endowment Fund

The Resurrection Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund was created to encourage support of the ministry of the congregation through gifts of accumulated, inherited, or appreciated financial resources. The Mission Endowment Fund receives various types of gifts, and then distributes Fund income to support social ministry projects, benevolence programs, and critical outreach initiatives. Gifts to the Mission Endowment Fund are held in perpetuity, thereby enabling Fund donors to leave a permanent legacy as testimony to their faithful stewardship and generous support of Resurrection Lutheran Church. Above all, the legacy of these gifts will point to the Giver of all good gifts, as the ultimate purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund is to further the mission and ministry of God’s reign.

Endowment Program

The intent and purpose of the fund is to make possible the extension of the various missions of Resurrection Lutheran Church within the congregation, the community, the nation, and the world apart from the general operation of the congregation. The scope of the mission endowment fund has been defined loosely so it can provide enough latitude that its funds can be used for a variety of purposes that all will, in one way or another, support and extend RLC’s Holy Purpose and Core Values.

Funds should be focused to support an event, organization or individual that is significant and meaningful to the RLC congregation. Fundamentally, these funds should be used to strengthen our ability to conduct our wider mission. To this end, most grants will be meaningful and generally not of amounts less than $500.

Use of Endowment Income

These categories are to be used as guidelines for the intended use of the endowment but are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of possible funding areas for the endowment. For example, funds could be used to support the local food pantry, but not to support a field trip to a sporting event for the local public school. When in doubt of a category, refer to the purpose statement of the fund and also the Holy Purpose and Core Values of RLC. Does the use of the funds support the continuing mission of not only RLC but the church as a whole?

Examples of Categories of Gifts

Service/Outreach Ministries

  • Service projects directly involving RLC disciples locally, nationally, or outside the US
  • Service events/projects directly involving RLC youth.
  • Support of Service events or organizations where RLC is not directly involved, but the mission of the event or organization is in alignment with that of RLC’s.


  • Scholarships for those in Seminary
  • Scholarships for those attending Lutheran (not just ELCA) Colleges or Universities
  • Scholarships for special High School programs that provide the student with expanded spiritual and/or leadership growth
  • Special support material or equipment for youth or adult education

Spiritual or Leadership growth of Staff or Adults

  • Support of specific training programs that enhance the capabilities of our staff or adult leaders
  • Support (materials, equipment, registration fees) for staff sabbaticals

Endowing Annual Gifts

  • An annual ongoing gift to support missions such as the Heifer Project


There are always needs that cannot be anticipated or are unique in their requirements. This category would cover purposes such as

  • Disaster relief
  • Special needs that are unique and not recurring
  • Matching gift for special fund raising programs
  • Funds to support Youth Gatherings/Missions
  • Satellite church startups

Endowment Fund Team

The investment of the Endowment is guided by the Endowment Fund Team which was created and is governed by the Endowment Bylaws. The Endowment Fund Team promotes the Endowment and works to increase the funds available for grants. Each year, the Endowment Fund Team reports on the income of the Endowment and determines how much money is available to be awarded as grants. The Endowment Fund Team reports on the status of the Endowment at congregation meetings.

Endowment Application Process

Apply Now

To apply for endowment funds, applicant(s) should complete the application in its entirety, being as descriptive as possible. Once the application is completed, please return it to:

Resurrection Lutheran Church
Attn: Endowment Fund Application
445 East Stop 11 Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227

Or if submitting electronically, email the form to: council@rlcIndy.org.

Applications are reviewed by the Congregation Council. Upon the receipt of a completed application, the applicant(s) will be informed as to the timeline for review and response.