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445 E. Stop 11 Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: (317) 881-7854

Program Staff

Rev. David Schreiber, Lead Pastor
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317-881-7854 x202

Rev. Mitchell Phillips, Team Pastor
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Deacon Julie Peralta, Director of Youth Discipleship
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Sherry Andersen, Director of Worship & Music
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Administrative Staff

Susan Garten, Office Administrator
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Finance Team
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Congregation Council

The Congregation Council is charged with general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation. Their role is to serve as the congregation’s board of directors, flying at a high altitude in order to see the lay of the land and discern God’s direction for the congregation. They are responsible for strategic planning and making sure all that we do is in keeping with our Holy Purpose and Core Values.

The Congregation Council is comprised of eight members of the congregation who are elected at the spring semi-annual meeting to three-year terms, which may be renewed once. The pastors under full-time call to the congregation are also members of the Council. The congregation officers – elected at the June semi-annual meeting to one-year terms – serve as the officers of the Council.

The council can be contacted at council(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

  • Melissa Nowotarski, President
  • Scott Bastin, Vice-President
  • Kim Toney, Secretary
  • Alan Anderson, Treasurer
  • Alyssa Hoffman
  • Margie McCoy
  • Barb Oden
  • Wendy Trietsch

Steering Team

The Steering Team works in partnership with the Congregation Council by overseeing the day-to-day ministry functioning of the congregation. This resourcing and coordinating the work of the congregation’s ministry teams by the Steering Team allows the Congregation Council to be focused on the bigger picture. Whereas the Congregation Council serves as the board of directors, the Steering Team serves as the management team.

Members of the Steering Team are appointed by the Congregation Council. The Steering Team is primarily made up of staff members. Those who are not staff members are appointed to two-years terms, which may be renewed without limit.

Every ministry team of the congregation is assigned to a member of the Steering Team who then serves as a resource person to that ministry team.

  • Pastor Mitch Phillips, Steering Team Leader
    Ephesians 4:12, ChristCare, Large and Small Groups
  • Pastor Dave Schreiber
    Congregation Council, Worship, Stephen Ministry, Caring ministries, Personnel
  • Associate in Ministry Julie Peralta, Director of Youth Discipleship
    Children and Youth teams, VBS, Childcare, Fellowship
  • Sherry Anderson, Director of Worship & Music
    Worship teams, Music ministries, Welcome Ministry
  • Ed Kistler, Director of Business Affairs
    Property, Finance
  • Byron Daugherty
    Serve ministries, Benevolence