Ministry Development Team

Ministry teams are the key way that we live out our shared vision at Resurrection. The Ministry Development Team is responsible for helping support and develop our ministry team leaders, providing support to our ministry teams with goal setting and team evaluation, and helping all RLC disciples live out our shared vision by facilitating participation in ministry teams.


  • Establish and maintain processes that facilitate effective life-cycle management and operations of the RLC ministry teams.
  • Develop a process for and facilitate the formation of new ministry teams.
  • Be the initial point of contact for RLC disciples interested in starting a new ministry team.
  • Maintain a list of teams, groups, members, and their current status (active, hiatus, closed) and communicate these to the congregation and Congregation Council.
  • Collect reports from ministry teams and groups according to the schedule established by the Congregation Council.
  • Evaluate all ministry teams for possible duplications or opportunity to combine teams.

Responsibilities to ministry teams and their leaders

  • Be advocates for ministry team leaders.
  • Provide leadership to ministry teams for education, team development, and resource needs.
  • Provide on-boarding training for ministry team leaders and members.
  • Provide resources and training for team goal setting and monitoring of progress.
  • Facilitate communication, collaboration, and reporting between ministry teams and the Congregation Council.
  • Serve as governance for issue escalation within or between teams.
  • Facilitate budget requests for teams and groups.
  • Pray for ministry teams and their leaders.

Get involved

Time Commitment

The initial phase of development will require frequent meetings (in person, online communication, virtual meeting rooms, etc.). Once the initial setup is complete, the team will decide the frequency and format of meetings. At a minimum, quarterly in-person meetings will be necessary.

We are looking for 3 to 5 RLC disciples who will make a 2-year renewable commitment.

Recommended Skills and Qualifications

  • Experience with coaching and/or providing leadership development activities
  • Experience with coaching and/or providing team development activities
  • Experience with goal setting, monitoring, and evaluation of teams
  • Detail oriented and able to handle a large amount of information
  • Frequent use of email and other platforms of electronic communication

If you are interested in joining this team, contact us at