College Years

Resurrection has a wonderful history of a strong and active high-school Youth Group. When these young men and women venture out to colleges throughout the nation, we want to show them that our congregation still supports them spiritually in this new period of their lives.

We feel it is important to keep in touch with these Resurrection disciples who are no longer able to attend on a weekly basis. Twice a year we send the college students reminders that the people of Resurrection are thinking of them. In the fall, this reminder is usually a handwritten note accompanied by a gift card. In the spring, we send a “Finals Snack Pack” prior to their final exams. Occasionally, a ChristCare group will also send these students a “Thinking of You” note.

Get involved

The time commitment for the College Years ministry is minimal. Team members spend a couple hours twice a year packaging the care packages.

For more information about the College Years ministry, contact Stacy Osborne at