Homebound Ministries

Our Homebound Ministries serve those members of our community who, due to physical limitations, are unable to attend worship regularly. Homebound Ministries share Holy Communion, deliver video recordings of worship, and spend time in fellowship.

Homebound Holy Communion

Members of the Homebound Communion Team bring the body and blood of our Savior to those who are unable to attend worship for extended periods of time. We communicate our love to these disciples by bringing them bread and wine that has been consecrated at our regular worship, on the third Sunday of each month. We visit, pray, share Holy Communion, and connect these fellow disciples with the larger Resurrection community.

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For information on the Homebound Communion Ministry, contact one of the pastors.

Homebound Video Delivery

Resurrection Lutheran Church records a worship service each Sunday and offers a DVD to any disciple who is unable to attend. Homebound disciples are able to experience our services from home through the DVD program. This is a great way to keep our homebound disciples involved in what we are doing at Resurrection. But more importantly, they can worship with us from their home.

A worship bulletin is included with the DVD, to follow while watching the service. Many homebound disciples have told us that their spirits have been lifted through this program. Through the DVD program, we provide hope, discipleship, knowledge, and information for our homebound disciples.

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To learn more about the Homebound Video ministry, contact the parish office.