Weekender Backpack Ministry

The Weekender Backpack Ministry was started in 2014 to help supplement student’s nutrition on the weekend – bridging the gap from lunchtime on Friday to breakfast on Monday. The ministry supports students at 3 Indianapolis schools: Douglass MacArthur Elementary School, Douglass MacArthur Kindergarten Academy, and Burkhart Elementary School.

How it works

A plastic sack of food is placed in each students backpack on Friday during recess to avoid any stigmas being attached to children receiving food assistance. A typical sack of food includes: Nutri-Plenty entrée (supplied by Pack Away Hunger), oatmeal, crackers, granola/cereal bars, and an additional snack item such as fruit snacks.


Students served each week


Bags delivered each school year

How to help


The Weekender Team gathers for packing events on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

To help make food pick-ups, deliveries, or help pack bags, contact Rodney Kay, Stacy Osborne, or the church office, office@rlcindy.org.


Donations can be placed on the Weekender shelves of the Resurrection Breadbox.

Monetary donation

$60 will support one child through the end of the current school year.