Photos from Confirmation Camp

Last week, Resurrection’s FaithBuilders students had a fantastic time during Confirmation Camp at Lutheran Hills! Confirmation Camp is one of Lutheran Hills’ special programs, where congregations can register groups for a week filled with opportunities for faith formation and camp activities. Twelve of Resurrection’s middle schoolers attended this year, and it felt so good to be together as a group after a year when we had limited opportunities to meet in-person.

For our faith formation time each day, our group explored different Christian practices together. We talked about what it means to live an abundant life in Christ. We also engaged in different practices that help us live life abundantly: reading Scripture, creativity, prayer, and taking care of our bodies. We read Bible stories, performed skits, played games, and made art to deepen our relationships with God and with one another.

One of my favorite lessons was about creativity and how we use our creative gifts as a faith practice. We talked about how creativity can be displayed in many forms — visual art, music, filmmaking, and even through the beauty of nature. Then, youth were challenged to use their own creativity to express what they were learning and experiencing at camp that week. Through drawing, watercolor, folding paper, and other expressions, youth created images that showed where they noticed the presence of God in the world around them. The artwork is so good, we decided that the congregation needs to see it, too!

The next time you are at Resurrection, look at the mini art exhibit hanging on the bulletin board in the hallway. You’ll see the different expressions of faith created by our young people. And, if you know a youth who attended Confirmation Camp with us, ask them to share their favorite story about camp with you, too.

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