Dinners for Eight or Nine with Resurrection Lutheran Church

Get to know Dinners for Eight (or Nine)

Are you new to Resurrection and want to get to know the people you see at church a little better? Are you a long-time member noticing new faces you don’t recognize? Do you enjoy sitting down with other adults for a relaxed dinner (or lunch or brunch)? Then Dinners for Eight (or nine) may be perfect for you! Singles and couples are welcome!

How it works:

Dinners for Eight (or nine) is a dinner group for adults and meets approximately four times per year to share a meal. The group of eight or nine adults for each dinner group changes each time frame. We all take turns serving as hosts in our homes (about once every two years). Hosts coordinate a date with their group of eight or nine and provide a main course, and the others in their group provide sides/desserts. We meet in groups at homes three times per year – then we all gather together for a shared Christmas meal at a restaurant. We always enjoy our time together and return home after each meal knowing each other a bit better!

If you would like to be part of Dinners for Eight (or nine), or if you would like more information, complete the below Dinners for Eight form or contact Jackie Mitchell.

Dinners for Eight form

Contact: Jackie Mitchell or the parish office, office@rlcindy.org, (317) 881-7854.