Praying through Advent

Our lives are caught up in the demands of schedules and the rituals of preparation. Daily prayer is essential for those who seek to hear God’s voice in the midst of life. The lectionary readings for Advent lead us through a hopeful time in the life of God’s people. Advent is like the winter landscape, appearing bleak, but full of promise. Advent is a time to practice hope, since God has promised us something new.

The Prayer Team has prepared this guide for your daily prayer during the Advent of Our Lord. It is our prayer that God opens your heart to the Spirit’s power through reading the lectionary scripture for each day and then engaging in prayer.

We have found it helpful to pray the Daily Opening Prayer from Pastor Mitch, read the scripture passage for the day, and then wait…listen for God…and close with a prayer of your own.

On Sunday of each week, the Prayer Team has prepared a prayer that centers us on the Big Rocks identified by the Strategic Vision Team to include as one of your prayers.

Opening Prayer

Stir up your power, Lord God, and come.  With your overflowing grace and mercy, fill our hearts that we might share the good news of your love with those we meet.  As we prepare to celebrate once again the birth of the Christ child – even as we await his return among us – help us to recognize and celebrate how you are present in our lives each and every day.  Amen.

Advent Prayer Calendar

Week 1

  • Thursday, November 30
    John 1:35-42
  • Friday, December 1
    1 Thessalonians 4:1-18
  • Saturday, December 2
    Matthew 24:15-31
  • Sunday, December 3
    Mark 13:24-37 Mark 13:24-37

Big Rock – Vibrant, Liturgical Worship

Heavenly Father, as we await the coming of your Son, let us rejoice! We know not the hour of His coming, but help us to prepare our hearts for that day.

As we come into Your house of worship, let us offer our thanksgiving for all that has been and all that has yet to come. Father when we enter Your holy house, let us do so with joyful hearts.

Let us lift up our eyes to heaven.

Help us to clear our minds so that we may participate fully in worship services.

Let us praise Him in the house of the Lord with songs of joy and thanksgiving.

Let us rejoice in His word.

Father, we ask Your help in opening our ears to hear the inspired scriptures and messages.

Open our hearts to the Holy Spirit.

Open our eyes that we may truly see You in one another.

Help us to slow down and rejoice in the opportunity to worship You.  Amen. (Susan Fleck)

Week 2

  • Monday, December 4
    Revelation 15:1-8
  • Tuesday, December 5
    Revelation 18:1-10
  • Wednesday, December 6
    Luke 21:34-38
  • Thursday, December 7
    1 Thessalonians 1:2-10
  • Friday, December 8
    Acts 11:19-26
  • Saturday, December 9
    Mark 11:27-33
  • Sunday, December 10
    Mark 1:1-8

Big Rock – Faith Formation for All Ages

Dear God, encourage us to be the guiding light of the Holy Spirit, to help us gift all ages with the power of prayer.  John the Baptist baptized with water and proclaimed that one greater than he will come and baptize with the fire of Holy Spirit.  Help us be that fire that ignites faith in all of us.  In your name we pray, Amen. (Joyce Hardwick)

Week 3

  • Monday, December 11
    Acts 2:37-42
  • Tuesday, December 12
    Acts 11:1-8
  • Wednesday, December 13
    Luke 1:5-17
  • Thursday, December 14
    Philippians 3:7-11
  • Friday, December 15
    Philippians  3:12-16
  • Saturday, December 16
    Matthew 21:28-32
  • Sunday, December 17
    John 1:6-8, 19-28

Big Rock – Be Christ within our Community

Heavenly Father, as John was a witness to your light, help us to use our opportunities to witness to our community and beyond, proclaiming our belief in you and your love for us. For you are the true light that shines through us and to all people. In Jesus’ name,  Amen. (Wendy Trietsch)

Week 4

  • Monday, December 18
    Ephesians 6:10-17
  • Tuesday, December 19
    Acts 3:17—4:4
  • Wednesday, December 20
    Mark 9:9-13
  • Thursday, December 21
    Hebrews 1:1-14
  • Friday, December 22
    Hebrews 1:5-14
  • Saturday, December 23
    John 7:40-52
  • Sunday, December 24
    Luke 1:26-38

Big Rock – Serving from Giftedness

Dear God, we offer all praise and joy to you for the greatest gift, the gift of your Son.  We know we are blessed by the countless gifts you have given us; our talents, resources and skills.  Grant us understanding God and help us to not be afraid as we seek new ways to use our gifts to serve.  Encourage us and help us remember as Mary said when the angel Gabriel came to her, “I am the Lord’s servant”.  Give us strength to serve in your name, always knowing there is nothing You cannot do. Through your love and grace, may we serve others and share the story of your Son and our faith within and outside of these walls. We thank you God, for Mary and her faith.  We thank you God, for this last Sunday in Advent as we prepare for the birth of your Son.  Amen.  (Jennifer Prickel)