Donate Peanut Butter for Weekender Backpack Ministry

Peanut Butter Drive for RLC Weekender Backpack Ministry

Fall break is fast approaching and the Weekender Backpack Ministry is collecting 16-28 oz. plastic jars of peanut butter to send home with the children for their two-week break in October. Drop off peanut butter in the Breadbox through Sunday, Oct. 2.

Volunteer or Donate: Perry Township Schools SHARE Event

Donate items or sign-up to serve at the Perry Township Schools SHARE Event by Sunday, July 10

Resurrection is collecting school supplies for Perry Township Schools’ annual S.H.A.R.E. (Students and Staff Helping to Acquire Resources for Everyone) event. Get the list of needs and drop off supplies in the church narthex by Sunday, July 10. Sign-up to volunteer to help with the event.